After Finding Out That A Store Allows Pets In, Man Brings His Horse For Shopping

Photo by Rockbrook Camp for Girls

It is one thing to win the loyalty of cats and dogs, however, winning the loyalty of something big and powerful like a horse is another. Nothing beats horse whisperer vibes, after all, oh and horses are just plain awesome, why else would they have lots of movies about them?  Because of this, one man from Oklahoma decided that his horse buddy needed a treat, so he brings him along to do some shopping.

Photo by namewithay

Any other shop, he would have been kicked out or probably never allowed in. However, one store in Elk City, Oklahoma allows pets inside. So the gentleman, dressed as a cowboy brings his trusty noble steed he proceeded to buy him some feed, without horsing around. Luckily, it was all caught on footage thanks to another shopper named Robin Morris and family. Take a look at the video below:

Aww, who could say neigh to that pet? The store is actually named Tractor Supply and sells horse feed. As for those of you in Oklahoma who are inspired by what he did, well, hold your horses, since they will only allow pets in that are on a leash. Luckily, the lone ranger brought a saddle for his steed and they were both allowed in.

Quite practical too, look at that big sack of horse feed. A senior citizen like him would be having trouble carrying that, so bringing a horsie along was the best decision he made that day. It also appears as if the two had done this many times already seeing how calm the pet is. Now that the two have become viral, it is interesting to see what other pets would the citizens of Oklahoma bring to Tractor Supply.

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