Awkward Google Maps Blunder As Wrong Body Part is Blurred Out

Awkward Google Maps Blunder As Wrong Body Part is Blurred Out

It turns out, Google Maps has another purpose besides fuelling conspiracy theories (check out disappearing Japanese island or missing flight MH370).

It’s also useful for catching the antics of lewd citizens around the globe, like this fella, who decided walking around Liverpool with his pants down was a good idea.

The mystery man was clearly up to no good, but what’s confusing is that Google Maps decided to blur his face, but let the penis hang out in all it’s glory.

The blunder was spotted by Twitter user Callum Rimmer, who also shared a video close up of the trouser snake.

Unfortunately, Google cottoned on to the mistake, and has since fixed the error. Well, they blurred out the guy’s entire body, along with his dog.

Better safe than sorry, we guess…

This isn’t the first time Google Maps has caught someone behaving inappropriately. Last year, a couple in Peru divorced after catching the wife was spotted with another man on Google Street View.

The wife and her secret lover were caught snuggling on a bench in Lima, Peru, and even though the encounter had taken place five years previously, the pair split up.

Not to mention the time the ol’ “wrap a car in clingfilm” prank was caught in action thanks to the Google Maps car.

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