Astronaut Karen Nyberg Makes A Stuffed Dinosaur Out Of Spare Space Stuff

Space Dinosaur on Pinterest

Astronaut Karen Nyberg has constructed a stuffed dinosaur for her 3-year old son and her Pinterest photo of the green stuffed animal has gone viral.

Sure a lot of moms and dads post items they have made for their children on Pinterest, and yes it’s true that most don’t go viral. Then again, most parents aren’t in space aboard the International Space Station, and most parents didn’t make their children’s items using spare parts they had lying around in space.

On Sunday Nyberg posted the picture wtih the caption:

“I made this dinosaur for my son last Sunday. It is made out of velcro-like fabric that lines the Russian food containers found here on the ISS. It is lightly stuffed with scraps from a used t-shirt.”

Apparently one astronauts left over space junk is another kids stuffed animal.

Nyberg could potentially become the first mom to create a category called “space crafts” which she can then populate with her own inventions.

Karen Nyberg loves sewing so much that she has her own “sewing corner” on the ISS.

There’s just one caveat with creating her child’s toy in space, he won’t have it to hold until she lands back on Earth.

Nyberg posts a lot of fun and crazy pictures on her Pinterest account which now includes more than 10,000 followers. You can follow her at

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