Cell Phone Case Made of Artificial Human Skin Is Coming Your Way, Soon


Telecom Paris and Ph.D. candidate Marc Teyssier have produced artificial skin devised to make smartwatches and smartphones feel a bit more, well, human.

If you’ve ever had a thought such as, “Phone cases would be WAY better if they were made out of human skin!”— well, then you’ve hit the jackpot. “When we interact with others, we use skin as interfaces,” Teyssier posts on his website. However, he claims, objects of “mediated communication”—like computers and smartphones—still possess a gelid interface that “doesn’t allow natural interaction and input.” Teyssier’s skin-like interfaces are meant to solve that issue.

The prototype is susceptible to an assortment of gestures, including tickling, pinching and poking. The artificial skin responds even to varying emotions: Sustained and gentle stroking is linked with providing comfort whilst abrupt, hard pressure is related with anger. Though, why smartphones? “I wanted to pinch my phone,” Teyssier explains.

via Diply

The latest technology is presently limited to touchpads, smartwatches and smartphones, but Teyssier and his colleagues fathom a bounty of other pragmatic uses. Alike technology could be utilized to progress prosthetics or to undertake haptic communication with bots, they suggest. Previously, Teyssier has made headlines for another one of his other ventures—a robotic finger that is able to plug into a smartphone and make it crawl across the floor (e.g. The Addams Family). Perhaps in the future, Teyssier will weigh integrating the two. Then you will be able to have the mobile, simulated skin-encrusted smartphone you have always dream of (or had nightmares about).


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