Man Collects Nail Clippings And Creates Unique Engagement Ring

nail clippings

Kiwami, a DIY master from Japan, generates an engagement ring with a gem crafted out of nail clippings he reputedly collected for a year.

If you are unable to afford a diamond ring, or simply if you desire to propose to your darling in a really exclusive manner, you may want to view this tutorial for producing an engagement ring out of 365 days worth of nail clippings.

Kiwami is renowned for posting meticulous how-to videos for creating sharp knives out of pretty much anything imaginable, and recently took on the odd challenge. He held the clippings in a jar, and revolved them into a black gem that any lady would deem herself lucky to sport on her finger, giving she wasn’t aware of what it was made of, naturally.

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The footage shot by Kiwami Japan recently went viral. While admittedly appalled by the material utilized by the YouTube star, most subscribers said they found the DIY process and the result of his work captivating. Kiwami began the process by crushing his nail clippings into a fine powder, blending them with h2O in a frying pan, and then condensing it into a little lump employing a nut and bolt.

At 150 degrees Celsius he then baked it for several minutes, until his nail clippings resembled a lump of dark clay. At last, he crafted a silver engagement ring and buffed the “rock” into a drab, black stone that (luckily) appeared nothing like his nail clippings. The peculiar DIY video already possessed millions of views prior to going viral, however the revived interest in it has spiked its view count to over 5.6 million. “I’ve never been so disgusted yet amazed at the same time,” one spectator wrote. “Cant really decide if this is the worst or best 17 minutes of my life,” another person commented.


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