Guy Tosses $5,000 Engagement Ring Into Ocean After GF Dumps Him


Brendan Beasley, an electrician, was dumped by his girlfriend and holds no regrets about chucking the $5,000 engagement ring into the ocean.

via Greek City Times; Beasley throwing the pricey engagement ring into the vast ocean

Beasley had spent more than $10K covertly organizing the bae-cation of a lifetime to Greece with the intention of proposing to his long-term girlfriend in quaint Santorini. But, things went left before he got the chance to pop the question, as she ended up breaking up with him. He told local reporters, “After three years together, and for no reason at all … she ended up leaving me. I was gutted because I had actually bought her a ring and booked us a surprise trip to Santorini (to propose) because she always wanted to get engaged there.” He ended up going on the trip anyways – mateless. He initially kept the ring, though then when he caught wind that his ex had gotten with another dude, he desired to simply get rid of the reminder. Beasly went on a Contiki tour to Santorini where ultimately he hurled the ring – and the box too it came in – off a cliff into the Aegean Sea.

Brendan noted, “The moment I threw the ring, a whole lot of weight lifted off my shoulders. I really found myself in Europe after that.” Whilst on the tour, he fatefully met a Canadian girl, whom subsequently he followed to Canada and had a blissful time. After moving back home for a bit to get back into electrical work, Beasley is now considering a move back to Canada with the goal of being with Kassandra, his new squeeze, and potentially work on the oil rigs. He had a plain answer of “No,” when questioned if he regrets flinging the $5,000 ring into the ocean. “I never did,” he added. “It’s worked out better for me.”


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