Clumsy People Will Love This Airbag Case For Your Phone

Clumsy People Will Love This Airbag For Your Phone

These days, it’s virtually impossible to survive without a smart phone. They’re basically like a mini personal assistant that does everything from track the number of steps you’ve walked in a day, to help you pay for items on the go, and even wake you up in the morning.

Seriously, how did we cope before they came into existence?

Clumsy People Will Love This Airbag For Your Phone

With all of their magical properties, it’s no surprise that smart phones are pretty pricey. Especially when you’re locked into a phone contract or own a top of the line model. This is why so many of us put up with cracked screens when we inevitably drop them, but no more.

A student has created a subtle airbag case for your device, which instantly deploys if you drop it. You don’t need a sh*t screen cover when you’ve got one of these babies!

The case was created by Philip Frenzel, an engineering student at Germany’s Aalen University, who came up with the idea after cracking several phone screens himself.

The 25-year-old wasn’t a fan of the thick, ugly phone screens currently available, and decided to make one that was not only attractive but also more effective.

Clumsy People Will Love This Airbag For Your Phone

Tiny sensors inside Frenzel’s design detect when a device is falling, and eject malleable arms out of each corner, breaking the phone’s fall. The arms can then be manually pushed back in, so no one is any of the wiser.

Still, it won’t save your phone if you drop it in water, but it’s a start. In fact, Frenzel’s design has already received an award from the German Society of Mechatronics. He’s currently waiting for the patent to be approved for his creation, then he’ll start crowdfunding. So long, cracked phone screens!

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