Anti-Immigrant Ex-Sheriff Joe Arpaio Welcomes The Idea Of Oral Sex With Trump

Photo by Los Angeles Times

By now, American citizens are probably very familiar with the idea and act of cronyism. Why, the president, Donald Trump, does it periodically with a lot of his notorious right-wing bootlick– err… friends. Most of them are even on the brink of self-induced ruination before Trump unleashes his trump card: the coveted presidential pardon. Take for example ex-sheriff Joe Arpaio, a perfect example of the above.

You see, Arpaio was quite the hot topic last year after being pardoned by Trump. His crime was contempt of court and continuing to engage in aggressive immigration enforcement in defiance of a 2011 court order. He is also an avid early supporter of Trump and has been raising the guy’s anti-immigrant banner even before he became president.

So it was only natural that comedian and Hollywood actor Sacha Baron Cohen would target Arpaio in one of his satires. Arpaio is Cohen’s newest prey in his comedy, “Who is America.” There Arpaio is the latest in the string of Cohen’s right-wing victims where the two talked about gun laws under Cohen’s guise of a toy unboxer. They also talked about Arpaio being indebted too much to Trump as to warrant oral sex with him– a prospect that Arpaio was positive about. Check out the video below:

Cool toys by the way. As for Arpaio, that “maybe” was a well-thought decision, or so it appears. Unfortunately, Arpaio might have to get in line with a lot of high-profile criminals which share his views and beliefs about Trump. As it is, Trump is still busy and engaged with activities with Vladimir Putin.

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