Lady on Splash Mountain Grumps Her Way to Meme Status


If your wife gets grumpy on you because you just can’t handle some intense Splash Mountain action what do you do?

Simple: turn her shot into a meme.

Redditor Blackthorne519 and his wife had a minor tiff since he refused to accompany her on this ride. So she went on it anyway, and when the end picture came out, well…


Clearly, she was not amused.

Her husband’s fellow Redditors on the PSBattle page, however, were very, very amused as they went to work on this little gem of a photo.

She needed someone who understands the feeling.


and some tender loving care — well, maybe not exactly from this person.


Her vibe was so strong, the entire crowd on the log started feeling it, too.


Anyway, why so serious?

OMyA3OX - Imgur

How about something more intense, like skydiving? Mmmmm, nope.


Or how about getting transformed into a timeless work of art?

Nah, still pretty meh. Even with a pair of classic Ray-bans.


How about that being that farm wife from American Gothic? Nope, still no better. In fact, it even seems her mood just got worse.


When you’re a grownup, you just eventually learn how to deal with it like a boss.


Nope, nope. Still nope.


With the folks with her on this ride, no wonder she looks the way she does.


Abandon all hope…

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… all ye who vote for this one.

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But in the end was she really that miffed? Turns out it was actually a joke she pulled on and for her husband. “so mad I didn’t want to go on the ride with her. End of a long day, with baby and in-laws in tow, and I just didn’t want to. So she went alone, and when the ride was over, she came over, showed me the picture and said ‘I did this for YOU!’ We had a laugh… she timed it pretty perfect. She wasn’t sure it’d work, actually.”

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