American Urinates On Sleeping Japanese Man… Inside A Flying Airplane

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No, this is not a porn pitch nor a clickbait for a raunchy article, you bad person, you. That is literally what happened. But hey, lot’s bizarre things happen inside a flying Airplane, otherwise, Hollywood would not have come up with a certain movie featuring a potty-mouthed Samuel Jackson aboard a plane with some gosh-darned snakes.

Anyway, during one of the flights of an All Nippon Airways airplane from Chicago to Tokyo, American citizen Denish Kishorchandra Parekh got a little too drunk. Parekh apparently took advantage of the complimentary alcohol service by ordering four glasses of champagne and also a round of Japanese rice wine. Instead of passing out drunk, he proceeded to urinate on one of the sleeping Japanese passengers.

Photo by Business Insider

The unfortunate victim was a 50-year-old Japanese businessman who is currently living in Illinois. To make matters worse, the man was in the business class section and had probably expected a smooth and incident-less flight. It was also not clear how Parekh’s urine reached the Japanese since they were two rows away from each other, he could’ve walked over to pee on him or did a good old spray-and-pray on his seat.

Photo by The Christian Science Monitor

Parekh was quickly arrested mid-flight and was also welcome in Tokyo with assault charges. It is worth noting that Parekh did not know the Japanese victim. However, Parekh chalked up his crime to mere intoxication and kept denying the accusation, saying that he did not remember it because he was drunk. Parekh’s fate in Japan remains unclear whether he will face deportation or jail time. One thing is for certain, though, the man certainly can’t hold his liquor, nor his urine for that matter.

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