American Express Offering Discounts Based On Facebook Likes

Amex Facebook Likes

American Express has launched a new Facebook app that uses consensual behavioral targeting to offer deals based on a user and their friends “Like” choices on the social network.

The app, named “Link, Like, Love” lets users link their AmEx cards to the program and then choose deals they would like to receive. For example, a use may like “Target” or check-in at one of the super stores chains at which point they might see a deal at that stores locations via their programs dashboard.

As AmEx customers shop at various locations using the program they will receive statement credits for their purchases based on each deals offerings which means there is nothing to print or pre-purchase, a fact that may help the company compete against other online buying programs such as Groupon and LivingSocial which require extra work on behalf of customers.

The company also uses Smart Offer to provide analytical information to merchants so they can track the success of the deals they choose to implement.

As Todd Wasserman at Mashable points out:

Since users have to agree to download the app, the program gets around the problem of behavioral targeting, which some consumers object to on privacy grounds.

The Like button is quickly becoming a new avenue for advertisers to spread the word about products outside of simple website “Likes” and the AmEx campaign once again shows how that button can be exploited for a new type of marketing ploy, it will be interesting to see what company’s come up with next.

It should be noted that American Express, more so than any other credit card company to-date have fully embraced location based and other social network services, in late June they teamed with Foursquare to offer check-in based offers.

Will you be taking advantage of the new AmEx Facebook program?

James Kosur

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