Amazon Mix-Up Leaves Man With Hamburger Earmuffs

Hamburger Earmuffs Josh Gates

Amazon may be known for the Kindle and their Prime membership with free two-day shipping, but the online retailer also has another claim to fame — accidentally sending reality TV host Josh Gates hamburger earmuffs instead of the Destination Truth T-shirt he ordered.

Gates was understandably confused when he opened his package from Amazon last week and found the strange earmuffs instead of a T-shirt supporting his show. So, the host took to Twitter to hilariously vent his frustration. After the initial confusion, Gates decided to make the best of it, and his fiance even got in on the action.

While Amazon did offer to exchange the product, Josh Gates apparently told them to keep the shirt, proclaiming his love for hamburger earmuffs.

The hilarious rant quickly went viral and caught the attention of multiple news organizations, as well as Denny’s which explained that it prefers to go with pancakes instead of hamburgers. The product also sold out on Amazon, though Gates assured Good Morning America that the company is working quickly to restock them.

While you probably won’t be able to order the epic hamburger earmuffs in time for Christmas, they could make a good Valentine’s Day present…

[H/T ABC News, image via Twitter]



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