Amazon Receives More Pinterest Pins Than Any Other Web Retailer


Amazon is likely busier than ever fulfilling last minute Christmas orders, and according to a recent study, generates the most Pinterest pins among top web retailers.

Searchmetrics analyzed Pinterest data among the top 10 U.S. web retailers on November 29, and here were the results:

  • Amazon – 16,360 pins per week, 1,740,314 total pins, 5,637 followers.
  • Walmart – 5,778 pins per week, 529,992 total pins, 33,337 followers.
  • Apple – 3,871 pins per week, 1,111,959 total pins, 1,597 followers.
  • QVC -325 pins per week, 54,935 total pins, 42,683 followers.
  • Staples – 307 pins per week, 17,252 total pins, 2,025 followers.
  • Best Buy – 281 pins per week, 60,630 total pins, 4,047 followers.
  • Netflix – 202 pins per week, 7,802 total pins, 445 followers.
  • Sears – 29 pins per week, 1,511 total pins, 190 followers.
  • Office Depot – 27 pins per week, 2,635 total pins, 1,994 followers.
  • Dell – 9 pins per week, 2,715 total pins, 1,160 followers.

Amazon generated more Pinterest pins than the other top nine web retailers combined despite having significantly less followers than Walmart, and QVC.

According to Searchmetrics CTO and founder Marcus Tober, most retailer’s Pinterest content is shared less than 100 times.

The social network has quickly became a hotspot for retailers, and companies like Target have created their own similar experiences.

Not only has sharing on Pinterest increased four percent in the past quarter, but according to Piqora, it helped triple revenue to retailers on Cyber Monday.

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