Douchebag Gets Ian Watkins Tattoo, Posts To Reddit For ‘Mega Lolz’ [UPDATED]

Ian Watkins tattoo

Some douchebag got a tattoo of Lostprophets frontman Ian Watkins on his leg.

The tattoo was taken from Watkins’ mugshot, and includes the banner “MEGA LOLZ!!!,” a phrase used by the Lostprophets on their merchandise. It’s also a phrase that Watkins used to describe his crimes, which include but are not limited to, baby rape.

“It was like either me go up there and say ‘Come on, it wasn’t that bad, nobody got hurt’. I do my charm or do I end up making things worse for myself or do I just say I was off my head and can’t remember? I’m going to put out a statement on the 18th now (the day of his sentencing) just to say it was mega lolz, I don’t know what everyone is getting so freaked out about.”

Watkins was sentenced this week to 35 years in jail for various offenses, most of them sexual and involving children.

This douchebag’s Ian Watkins leg tattoo is brought to us by reddit. What do you think, reader? Mega lolz?

CLARIFICATION/UPDATE: A huge mea culpa/thanks to Mike Porter, the OP on the reddit photo of this Ian Watkins tattoo. He reached out to us to clarify that he’s not actually the guy who got the tattoo, and that the photo was sent to him by a mutual friend of the douchebag who did.

Sorry Mike! You are not a douchebag. Hopefully you get some karma out of this mix-up.

CLARIFICATION/UPDATE 2: This article used to show a second photo, reportedly of the Ian Watkins tattoo douche, but alas, the individual in said photo reached out with photos of his un-tattoo’d leg, so we apologize to him too. We’re just going to call it a day with this article if that’s okay with you.

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