Al Roker Sort Of Apologizes For Tweets About Bill De Blasio

Al Roker Half Apologizes

Al Roker kind of apologized on Friday for tweets he sent the day before from the Winter Olympics in Sochi blasting Mayor de Blasio’s decision not to cancel school during the recent bad weather.

The weatherman explained to TODAY that he stands by his criticism of the New York City Mayor, but that he apologized for a “low blow” comment he made about the mayor’s term. Roker added that he understands many parents can’t afford to stay home from work with their kids’ during a snow day, but his concerns are ultimately more about protecting school children.

Roker stated, “It’s about safety, safety first for children.” He added, “I do have one tweet that I do regret in the heat — I’m very passionate about the weather. I made a prediction that there would be only one term of his administration. I apologize for that. That was a little below the line.”

Mayor de Blasio responded to Al Roker’s criticism at a Thursday news conference, saying that, while he respects the meteorologist, “it’s a different thing to run a city than to give the weather on TV.” De Blasio added, “I respect all the meteorologists out there. But the one I respect the most is called the National Weather Service … and they just affirmed to us on the call before we came out to you, that this went faster and heavier than their projections last night.”

[Photo Credit: Duncan Rawlinson]



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