Man Goes Snowboarding In NYC After Latest Snowstorm [Video]

Man Snowboards Through NYC

On a day when most people were cuddled up by the fire watching Netflix marathons, Casey Neistat decided to snowboard around New York City.

The film producer had a little help from someone who drove his Jeep and filmed while Casey pulled stunts and held onto a tow rope for dear life. The concept is kind of like wakeboarding or water skiing, but trading in the boat for a Jeep and the water for the streets of NYC.

While Neistat explained in the video’s description that he is only an “ok snowboarder,” he makes up for his lack of professional talent with guts — and a bit of editing.

Neistat wasn’t the only New Yorker to hit the slopes — er, the streets after the latest snowstorm. Social Media users posted photos of their fellow residents cross country skiing and snowboarding their way to and from work and the store on Thursday.

While snowboarding through New York City sounds fun, I think we can all agree that spring needs to get here soon.

[Photo: Twitter]



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