After Being Licked By His Dog, Owner Gets Both His Legs And Nose Amputated

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Dog owners may want to keep proper hygiene no matter how clean their pets are. Sometimes dogs can carry certain strains of viruses or bacteria in their mouths which can have devastating effects when introduced to a human being. This is exactly what happened to a man living in Wisconsin.

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48-year-old Greg Manteufel was a happy and proud owner of a pit bull. So much so, that he let his pet dog lick him on the face. However, shortly after being licked by his pit bull, Greg went down sick. He only thought that it was just regular flu but symptoms kept getting worse. Surely enough, it wasn’t just flu as Greg kept getting bruises all over his body as if someone had beat him up.

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One week after being licked by his pit bull, Greg was already confined at the hospital and had to have both his legs and his nose amputated. Greg and his family were shocked as to what could have happened since Greg owned a lot of dogs and nothing bad happened back then.

Photo by Dawn Manteufel

It turns out, Greg’s pit bull’s saliva contained a rare capnocytophaga bacteria. This said bacteria caused Greg a disease called sepsis where his body parts lost circulation. Greg recalled that he did not even have an open wound where the dog licked him but the bacteria was just too dangerous. The amputations were due to the fact that the decreased blood and blood pressure to certain body parts cause these to die and rot while still attached to a person.

Still, the doctors claimed that developing sepsis was very unlikely if a person does not have an open wound. Also, more than 99 percent of dog owners will likely never experience such a deadly illness. Greg and his family still need support since more amputations might be necessary to keep Greg alive, hopefully, it does not come to that further and Greg can fully recover from such a disease.

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