Taiwanese Dog Carries Cat Hit By Car And Keeps It Safe

Photo by Mental Floss

It has been scientifically proven that cats and dogs are not exactly compatible creatures. Dogs have this instinct to chase small prey that flees while cats have an instinct to do just that. Sometimes it may just well be a friendly game of catch, but quite often it is thousands of years of instinct and evolution in action.

However, there are also quite a lot of special cases where dogs and cats get along just fine. They even come to each others’ aid sometimes. That is exactly what happened in Taiwan where a dog was spotted carrying a limp and barely alive cat which was run over by a vehicle. The video was captured by a woman named Wu Ya-fang on July 31. Wu documented the stray dog’s heroic deed, carrying the badly injured cat to safety, watch the video below:

The stary dog even went as far as making sure that the cat is protected. Wu claimed that the dog even urinated on the injured cat in order to protect it from other dogs. The dog eventually spotted Wu and promptly approached her with the cat and placed it in front of her. It was as if the stray dog was begging Wu to help the poor feline and even looked relieved that a human being came to help.

 Taiwan News
Photo by Taiwan News

Wu took the cat, placed it in a cardboard box and took it somewhere safe. Sadly, the poor cat did not make it alive and was shortly cremated. Wu expressed anger towards drivers who hit animals and do not help them and urge people to be more careful on the road. Meanwhile, Wu also took the stray dog home and set the good boy up for adoption.

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