Tampon Led To The Death Of One Teenager; Sister Reveals It Could Have Been Avoided

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One would not think that such a harmless household and personal hygiene material could cause death. However, one case involved a teenager actually dying from something as seemingly harmless as a tampon. The unfortunate girl’s name was Sara Manitoski and her death last year was the subject of a mystery after she supposedly died in her sleep.

Photo by Facebook/Sara Manitoski

Sara was supposed to be on a recreational and happy overnight school trip to Vancouver, Canada back in March 2017. The 16-year-old girl’s friends even thought she was alright the morning after and even left her sleeping for breakfast. When they returned, Sara just would not wake up despite her alarm clock going off, it turns out, she was already dead.

Photo by Facbook/Sara Manitoski
Photo by Facebook/Sara Manitoski

It wasn’t until recently that Sara’s family was given a reprieve by knowing the cause of her death. The exact reason for Sara’s unfortunate fate was toxic shock syndrome (TSS) according to the coroner’s report. This extremely rare condition was caused by a build-up of a strain of Staphylococcus aureus bacteria on the tampon she wore.

Apparently, Sara’s prolonged tampon use led to this kind of toxic shock. Sara’s sister, Carli even recalled that her sister actually complained of stomach cramps the night before her death.

Photo by Facebook/Sara Manitoski

This led Carli to believe that women should be educated on TSS and genital health more thoroughly. Perhaps things would have turned out differently had Sara known about TSS and the repercussions of prolonged single tampon use.

Photo by Facebook/Sara Manitoski

Meanwhile, those who think that their state of health can shield them from such an incident could be wrong. Sara’s family admitted that she was in excellent health before TSS took her, meaning it could very well happen to anyone who uses tampons. So remember to stay safe and always keep tabs on your tampon use.

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