Adolf Hitler wins local election – Has no world domination plans


After winning a sweeping triumph in local Namibia elections, politician Adolf Hitler claims he has no plans for world domination.

Last week, Adolf Hitler Uunona was elected to the Ompundja constituency as councilor. He insisted in an interview he had “nothing to do” with the ideology of the Nazis. Like other first names derived from Germany, Adolf is not atypical in the nation, which was a German dominion once. The regnant Swapo party is who he was elected to, which spearheaded the campaign against the white minority and colonial rule. Uunona confessed that his dad had named him after the Nazi president, however, stated “he probably didn’t understand what Adolf Hitler stood for.”

After winning his chair with 85% of the vote, Uunona continued: “As a child, I saw it as a totally normal name. It wasn’t until I was growing up that I realized: This man wanted to subjugate the whole world,” he said, adding. “I have nothing to do with any of these things.” He noted his bride calls him Adolf and in public, he answers to the name and has no intends to alter it. Namibia was part of German Southwest Africa (called German territory) between 1884 and 1915.

During a 1904-08 uprising by local San, Nama, and Herero people, thousands of victims were killed by the German Empire; which various historians have dubbed “the forgotten genocide”. Namibia fell under South African control following World War One and in 1990 gained independence. Earlier this year, Namibia turned down a $12,170,500 (€10m) bid by Germany for reparations, telling it would remain to negotiate for a “revised offer.”


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