Abused Kitten Has Ears Cut Off; So Foster Mom Knits Her New Ones

Photo by Humane Society Silicon Valley

Taking your rage, psychotic or otherwise, on an innocent animal is never a good thing or even acceptable in society. After all, a nation’s or society’s greatness should be measured by how it treats its weakest members, according to one Hindu Indian pacifist. So you can imagine what a society is like whose members abuse animals just because they can. Unfortunately, we have yet again another victim of a backward society, this time a kitten.

Photo by Pinterest

One kitten in California, U.S., has been brought into the Humane Society Silicon Valley after being rescued. She was unlike any other kittens since her ears and tail are nonexistent. Not because she had a birth defect, but because someone cut them off. It is not uncommon to hear animals being abused, but those are mostly adult animals, someone who has the gall to abuse a baby animal would have to be quite disturbed.

Because of this, the kitten was aptly named Karma, after the struggles she went through. As a result of her injuries, she also was shy and scared of humans. However, having her ears mutilated at such a young age did not stop Karma from being a lovable creature. She quickly adjusted to the shelter and became a favorite. More so after her foster mom knitted some fake ears for her as a replacement. This is what she looks like now:

Photo by Humane Society Silicon Valley

As for the waste of skin who cut off Karma’s ears, whoever it was remains a mystery. Karma’s ear wounds have actually nearly healed when the shelter first encountered her, meaning it had already been a while after her ears got cut off. Here’s hoping that the perpetrator gets what he/she is due, or as what they call in Hinduism, Karma.

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