A Samurai in Brazil Astounds Audience with Mad Football Skills

What’s a traditional Samurai doing in modern-day Brazil? What’s he got to do with the World Cup? Whatever the connection is, if you’re a football fan, you’ve got to take two minutes of your time today and watch this video.

From horsing around with Brazilian kids in the dirt to making a dog go round and round to gaining the respect of freestyle footballers – this Samurai in Brazil can make your jaw drop. I know my legs were twitching by the time I was halfway through the video.

Not that it will ruin things for you, but the Samurai in Brazil is no accident. It’s actually an ad for Nissin (cup noodles, FTW!). I don’t see the relationship, but to their credit, you don’t see a shadow of their logo or product placement in the video – only when the action is totally over.

If it’s dogs you like, then check out the footie-playing beagle.



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