Bluetooth Enabled Rings Are A Thing Now

If you’ve ever wanted to own bluetooth enabled jewelry now you can.

New startup Ringly has just announced its first range of bluetooth enabled rings.

The rings sync with your phone and buzz or flash depending on the notifications you’ve set up: for example it may buzz for a Facebook notification, or flash when you receive an SMS from a friend. Each ring offers 4 vibration patterns and 5 colors for notifications.

The initial lineup offers four different stones: Onyx, Emerald, Pink Sapphire and Rainbow Moonstone.

The recommended retail price is $195 but on pre-order before full launch are being offered at the “bargain” price of $145.

While wearable tech is not a new thing, and in many respects has become a highly successful business, a vibrating bluetooth ring is another matter. There will be a novelty factor with the rings that will see them sell, but seriously: how many people will really want a vibrating ring to notify them of messages on their phone?

The demo video as follows.



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