This Footie-Playing Beagle Will Fire You Up for the World Cup

It’s almost World Cup time, when the entire globe will be staying up, waking early, and basically scheduling their lives around matches they want to see. Days before the biggest football tournament begins, though, this video of a footie-playing beagle will tickle you pink and get you all geared up for the real thing.

Called “Purin the Super Beagle”, this particular man’s best friend shows off her skills in the pitch. Amazingly, she might even give some human players a run for their money.

Aside from Purin’s super football skills, she also likes: “to eat, get on something, jumping, walking, and sniffing”. Her favorite food? Everything, but especially liver.


Noemi T

Freelance writer, book lover, professional nap-taker, wannabe beach bum


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