9 Year Old’s Lemonade Stand Raises Thousands for Brother Battling Rare Illness

Brother's lemonade stand fundraiser earns thousands of dollars.

We’re all familiar with the saying, “When life hands you lemons…” In this little boy’s case, he made lemonade and then sold it, in an effort to help pay for his little brother’s medical bills. What an amazing big brother!

Matt Emery and his wife Melissa were given the devastating news earlier this month that their 6-month-old son Dylan has a rare and terminal neurological condition known as Krabbe disease. There is sadly no cure for the disease, as Matt explained: “It’s a quick disease and it moves so fast once you realize what’s going on — there’s no cure.”

With the family struggling with this diagnosis, Dylan’s brother, Andrew, decided he would raise money with a lemonade stand fundraiser, as his dad told ABC News: “It’s very, very sweet. Andrew is an amazing older brother and he’s just 9-years-old.”

He added that while he and his wife were visiting a specialist at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, Andrew developed the plan: “While we were gone he wanted to do something to help raise money for Dylan and then he came up with a lemonade stand. He raised $5,860 in just two hours.”

Matt further noted: “You wouldn’t think a lemonade stand could do that much in such a short amount of time, but with social media and different fundraisers that’s what he wanted to do and it happened so quickly.”

The Team Dylan Facebook page shared details from the lemonade stand fundraiser, as family, friends and members of the community all took part to help.

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