Adorable Penguins Pose for Selfies (Kind Of)

Penguins are adorable and intriguing creatures, who have some very strange habits (to us). But if there is one thing you would not associate penguins with its narcissism, but boy, are we wrong. Come to find out, you leave a camera recording around some penguins those things want their screen time! And here we thought nothing could surpass humanity’s narcissism!

All kidding aside, these emperor penguins do clearly find the camera very intriguing, but most likely because they have never seen anything like it up close (and few of us have ever seen penguins up as close as we do here):

Follow up. One of these two penguins posted the video on social media and tagged the other without asking and now they are no longer talking.

Follow up to the follow up, seems the two have worked it out.


Remy Carreiro


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