5 Super Cute First Date Stories for Valentine’s Day

It’s Valentine’s Day, and that means two things: kids will be giving each other cards, and adults will be giving each other… presents of their own. In honor of the occasion, here are seven first date stories sure to hit you in the feels.


I took him to the butterfly exhibit at the Natural Science Museum. We biked there from my house. Afterwards, we walked around the park, fed some ducks, and generally just enjoyed the sun and each other’s company. It was absolutely wonderful, and if I remember correctly, our first kiss was later that day. — Natasha


Gotta Catch ‘Em All

My very first date was with my ex boyfriend Jesse, and I baked him a cake and had him come over and we battled Pokemon for a few hours and then we beat Double Dragon together, which was my first time beating that game so it was a pretty neat first date. — Brendan



It was probably to see some crappy movie in like 8th grade and it was probably cringey and awkward and her name might have been Mandi [redacted] and she might look exactly the same like 15 years later which, let me tell you, might not be such a great thing — Davis

VCupidNo Massacre This Time

First date. Ahh. Well, I don’t think I count anything that happened in high school as an actual date. My first date in college was during my second week in college to this tiny Italian restaurant I’m pretty sure was a front for the mafia. The owner, an old Italian man, greeted us, seated us, took our orders, made our dinner, and served us. We had the whole place to ourselves. Then we went for ice cream and walked around campus for a few hours, talking. — Stéphanie

Next Level Parenting

I suppose my first date, I was 15 and my parents invited my boyfriend over for Easter dinner. They claimed we couldn’t REALLY be dating because we only saw each other in school. I guess this legitimized the relationship for them. After we all ate, my whole family (mom, dad, grandmas & aunts and uncles) went to the back of the house and left us on the front living room couch for a couple hours. — Cecilia


Bonus: The Great Escape

While this next one isn’t technically a first date story, I couldn’t help but include it:

I met this girl back in the day before the internet through a mutual friend. I was about 13-15 years old. I only talked to her on the phone so I never saw her. So we decided to meet up at this park wildlife center that’s in the middle of the city. I purposely tried to sneak up so I could see her before she saw me. While walking up to the center I ran into the girls dad sitting in a car and he met me and made small talk. Very awkward. Then I went to go meet her. She was fugly as all hell. I knew the park center very well so I was able to lose her in the building. I then peaced it out there like Ive never peaced before. Never talked to the girl again. — Patrick

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