Lovers Can Now Mine Their Own Chocolate for Valentines’ Day


What says “I love you” more on Hearts’ Day than giving your loved one a box of delicious chocolate? Well, for starters… How about mining your own chocolate together?

The Isetan Department Store in Shinjuku, Japan has come up with this fun and novel way to bring couples closer together. For a small fee, sweet twosomes can wield tiny pickaxes and chisels around a massive miniature mountain range made of chocolate. they can also take home whatever sweet treasures they dig for them to enjoy at home. A cup of hot coca comes with he package to refresh themselves after some deliciously dark and dirty digging exertions.

We sure weren’t kidding when we said t was a massive mountain range in miniature.

Each region even has its own flavor, so choco-connoisseurs can pick and choose as they pick and axe away at the mountainside.

Watch this hot up-close mining action.

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Solid gold. We detect some candied fruit, nuts, and maybe even some marzipan in this delicious chunk.

After a day of hard (choco-)mining work, enjoy a hot cup of cocoa.

This entire experience, plus this charming bottle to bring home your excavations in for your honey and you to admire and devour its contents, is all yours for a mere 1,500 yen (US$13).

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In the event that you’d prefer your close encounters with choice sweet of the season to be a little less hands-on, the event staff will also be happy to sell you chocolate gemstones cut of the finest karat.

This experience takes the phrase “be mine” to an entirely different level.


Feature image courtesy of Pixabay
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