7 Parks And Rec Scenes That Predicted Trump’s America

Parks And Rec

Parks and Recreationis not only one of the greatest shows of all time, but it’s incredibly relevant to today’s political climate. It’s shocking how many scenes seem to predict Trump’s America even though the show started airing nearly ten years ago. Leslie Knope may have wise beyond her years.

1. Working Hard Or Hardly Working

Parks And Rec

Let’s face it, government employees aren’t exactly working hard these days. In fact, it seems that even when the government isn’t shut down those who get paid the most rarely put it a hard days work. At least Ron Swanson owned up to it.

2. Sexism Is Old News

Parks And Rec

Isn’t sexism old news already? Men are just starting to get used to seeing women in offices rather than in kitchens, how could they possibly handle seeing them take on a political office position? If anyone is frail, it’s men who are threatened by strong and independent women.

3. An Inefficient Government

Parks And Rec

This is probably how all of the furloughed government employees are answering the phones these days. It seems fair since they’re being forced to work without even a glimpse of a paycheck. A few more weeks of the government shutdown and they might not answer the phones at all. Donald Trump himself will have to get the calls forwarded to the Oval Office.

4. Government Employees In Trump’s America

Parks And Rec

After Trump’s shutdown finally comes to an end, or should I say if it ever comes to an end, the only kinds of people who will be interested in working for the government will be the Rons and Toms of the world. Why dedicate time to a job who can stop paying you overnight and still force you to come to work? Likely we’ll see a large number of resignation letters coming out of the federal government sectors over the next few months.

5. Men’s Rights Is Nothing

Parks And Rec

Thought men’s rights was a thing? Well, according to Leslie Knope it’s definitely not. When men are forced to keep their nipples covered at all times, and judged on their appearance over their intelligence, and thought of as bitches for having an opinion, and can’t go on a date without the fear of being murdered, and so on and so forth, then these guys can talk about men’s rights. Until then, let’s focus on women’s equality!

6. Trump’s Shutdown

Parks And Rec

After another month or two without a payday, this will be what every federal government employee says as they walk out the front door. Congress is still getting paid, so it’s not like they’re in a rush to get back to work. Trump’s threat to keep the government shut down for months or even years just might become our reality.

7. Trump’s Spaceforce

Parks And Rec

“Parks and Recreation” even managed to predict Trump’s space force. With all of those malls Bobby Newport put on Jupiter, it’s no wonder we need a space force. They’ll need to keep all of those aliens on shopping sprees with Chipotle cravings under control.

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