300-Pound Woman Pleads Guilty To Crushing Boyfriend And Killing Him

Photo by Facebook/Windi Thomas

Anyone who has ever been in a troubled relationship will know that anything can happen during a lover’s quarrel. What seemingly started as a petty argument over a toilet seat placement can quickly turn into bruises and cuts if at least one of you is unstable or dangerous. However, one quarrel resulted in the death of the guy after her 300-pound girlfriend crushed him to death.


Windi Thomas and her late boyfriend, Keeno “Loco” Butler lived in Erie Pennsylvania, both of them were 44 years old. Apparently, the couple was troubled and was not in a healthy relationship. One day, both of them decided to have a little R&R by drinking. Thomas apparently wanted something stronger– she wanted to smoke crack (cocaine), and the pair got into an argument.


This did not end well for both of them, more so for Butler. The intoxicated Thomas stabbed Butler with a knife and hit him in the head with a table leg before delivering the coup de grâce, by crushing and choking her boyfriend using her own weight; lying on top of him. Thomas was a 300-pound woman while Butler only weighed 120 pounds.

According to the affidavit, Butler’s death was “ruled a homicide caused by respiratory insufficiency secondary to blunt force trauma to the neck and thoracic compression, exacerbated by blunt force trauma to the head.”


When the dust settled, it seemed Thomas realized what she had just done. She pleaded guilty to court for a third-degree murder and now faces a sentence of 18 to 36 years. She will be sentenced on December 21. Meanwhile, Thomas, who was already a grandparent, will be survived by a daughter, Adele Brown, two grandchildren, his mother, and nine siblings.

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