3 Unique Ways To Give Back This Holiday Season

give back

With the holiday season underway, now is the time to do something to help those in need. Of course, you could volunteer at a soup kitchen or donate food to a local pantry. However, if you want to think out of the box, there are several unique ways to give back this Christmas. Here are some of our favorite ways to share the spirit of giving during the most wonderful time of the year.


This time of year means lots of holiday parties and going out, which presents an extremely easy opportunity to spread the cheer. Next time you are out grabbing a drink or bite to eat, leave a little larger tip than normal. Your bartender and server will appreciate the deed and everyone could benefit from extra cash during the holidays. You could also do this with any other profession that accepts tips, such as hairdressers or taxi drivers.

give back

Anonymous Giving

After all, giving back isn’t about the recognition. Find a way to give back without anyone noticing and you will feel so good about yourself. A perfect example of being a stealthy anonymous giver is this story about a person that left thousands of dollars in an animal shelter donation box.

Ask For Others To Give

Instead of getting a bunch of random gifts that you will never use from family members and friends, why don’t ask them to give back. Ask them to donate to their favorite charity cause. For example, ask your cat loving aunt to donate some cat food to her local SPCA.

Get creative this holiday season. Find a unique charity or a cause that is dear to your heart. Who knows, this could turn into something you do all year long.

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