Shake Up That Boring Christmas Gift Swap With These Great Ideas

christmas gift swap

As the holiday season approaches, it’s once again time to get ready for the number of Christmas gift exchanges you will inevitably have to participate in. As you begin to dread the normal white elephant gift exchange, you may be wondering if there is a way to change up the normal gift exchange routine. This article will give you some ideas on just that. Don’t worry, you can thank us later. Feel free to put us on your gift-giving list.

Holiday Trivia

Who doesn’t like a fun game of trivia? Prepare some holiday trivia and gather all the gifts in a pile. Begin asking Christmas-themed questions, like “Who can name all of Santa’s reindeer?” The first person that can correctly answer the question gets to pick a present out of the pile. The game continues until all of the presents are gone. This gift exchange is great way to create some friendly competition.

Musical Chairs

christmas gift swap

This gift exchange is a slight nod to the popular children’s game, musical chairs. This specific game is recommended for children. Not only does it have a short duration, but it also assures that everyone will get a gift. Have all the players sit in a circle and give them each a wrapped present. Begin to play music and have them pass the gifts around the circle. When the music stops, each player gets to keep the gift they are holding. Super simple!

Cobweb Party

According to Real Simple, ‘cobweb parties’ were all the rage back in the Victorian era. The concept is an unusual twist on the normal Christmas gift exchange. First, invite all of your party goers to bring a wrapped gift. When they arrive, bring them all into the same area and tell them place their gifts around the room. You will then need spools of yarn in different colors. Tie one end of each color to each gift and walk around the room, zigzagging the yarn around furniture and other obstacles. The idea is to make it as hard as possible for someone to find the gift by following the trail of yarn. Then hand out the spools of the yarn and watch the guests struggle to find the corresponding gift by following the mess. If anything, you should have some pretty interesting entertainment, watching people climb around the room.

Now all you will have to worry about is finding a unique gift for each of your friends and family. Heck, the gift shopping is part of the fun. Now, if you aren’t a fan of shopping, just thank your lucky stars for online shopping!

h2>Giving Back


Maybe you are looking for a way to give back this holiday season. After all, this is the season for goodwill. Instead of buying gifts for a friend, family member or colleague, explain that this year’s gift exchange will benefit those in need. Instead of gifts, make everyone give a small donation to a charity of their choice on behalf of the recipient. Try to choose a purpose that is near to the recipient’s heart, like animal rescue or medical research. Going the extra step will make the gift even more meaningful.

However you celebrate this holiday season, we hope you remember that it isn’t just about the presents. Make sure to cherish the moments spent celebrating with family and friends.

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