$3 Million Call Center Scammer Exposed After A Scam Attempt

Jim Browning
Photo by YouTube/Jim Browning

Have you ever wondered how a call center scammer operates and what they look and sound like? Well, one YouTuber went the extra mile to discover and expose the inner workings of one. The guy’s name is Jim Browning and went he recently uploaded a recorded conversation of the scam in progress as well as a screen capture of their computer transaction.

What makes their operation scary, apart from their expensive $3 million setups and income is how common they are. Surely, you have been around the internet and by now, are aware of the treacherous and sometimes even annoying advertisements and popups.

The video starts off with how the call center initiates its operation, with a random popup. These popups are carefully crafted and planted to scare the wits out of the regular computer or gadget user.

The alleged scammers will then try to initiate remote access on the victim’s computer. At this point, the user will be bombarded with fake technical warnings and fabricated threats to their system. Then, there is the hook which scammer use, in this case, a warranty service which costs anywhere from $300 to $1,200, which as much as a new computer itself.

Photo by YouTube/Jim Browning

After the transaction, Jim then claims to have been able to initiate the remote access again. This time, he was able to get into the scammer’s computer. He then revealed the income that these scammers actually acquire, and it numbers in at $278,800 per month or more than $3 million each year.

Photo by YouTube/Jim Browning
Photo by YouTube/Jim Browning

If you want to see the full details of the scammer company, Jim has done the honors of uploading it here.

So beware of any calls offering tech support or warranties for your devices. You may also want to avoid clicking on every popup you see on the internet.

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