Almost 1/5 Of New Facebook Fans From Mobile

Mobile continues to be huge for Facebook and because of that, 19 percent of new fans now come from mobile. A new report by PageLever revealed this statistic which is a massive increase of 280 percent compared to just four months ago.

Facebook has over 600 million monthly active users on mobile which gives it one of, if not the largest, mobile communities on the planet. In early May, the number of new fans out of every 100 was just below five percent.

The reasoning for the large increase has a lot to do with the design changes that they’ve implemented. With Timeline rolling out for Facebook Pages in mid-July, this brought massive improvements, not just with design, but from an interactivity standpoint.

Also, Facebook rolled out a new iOS app towards the end of August that brought significant performance improvements as well as other changes. With much faster load times, users will spend more time within the app which drives up the amount they interact with others, including pages.

One can’t forget about mobile ads which were introduced in June and are another source for Facebook Pages to gain new fans.



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