12 Best Government Shutdown Protest Signs

Government Shutdown Protest Signs

Trump’s shutdown has been going on for long enough, and people are taking to the streets to protest. Most of those who’ve been picketing have gone for weeks without seeing a paycheck all while still being forced to work forty hour weeks. The consequences have been severe as many are facing homelessness, others can’t afford their life-saving medications, and some are even forced to go on unemployment. These are just some of the best government shutdown protest signs that have been circulating these days.

1. Everyone’s Landlord Is Calling

Government Shutdown Protest Signs

While some landlords are being flexible during the government shutdown, others are likely not being so kind. Who can really blame them though when they have their own bills that need to be paid. As a result, people are facing homelessness and the shutdown doesn’t look like it’ll be coming to an end anytime soon.

2. Paycheck To Paycheck

Government Shutdown Protest Signs

The middle class is practically nonexistent, forced to live paycheck to paycheck which makes this government shutdown even more difficult for families than it should be. While those affected have been scrimping just to get by this past month, not all of them are succeeding. Lines are forming for groceries, unemployment applications are being sent in left and right, and trained professionals are walking away from their federal government jobs.

3. Dream Jobs

Government Shutdown Protest Signs

For someone to find their dream job is as close to a miracle as you can get these days, and this young woman is right to fight for it. She’s not alone in her actions as many young professionals are left begging to get back to work. If Trump’s shutdown doesn’t end soon, many will be forced to get jobs elsewhere.

4. Will Science For Food

Government Shutdown Protest Signs

Even NASA’s biggest and brightest are left without work these days, and if they can’t find a way to get a paycheck then the rest of those who are furloughed are screwed. While this woman’s “will science for food” sign may have been written in jest, she certainly wouldn’t be the only one affected by the shutdown who is turning to barter just to eat. In fact, for many federal government employees, barter has become their new way of life.

5. Leaving NASA Employees Hanging

Government Shutdown Protest Signs

Hopefully, the government shutdown hasn’t actually led to any astronauts left to fend for themselves in outer space as this sign implies. It has, however, left NASA employees hanging in a more figurative manner of speaking. At least now they have all the time in the world to come up with these creative protest signs.

6. Not A Pawn

One thing that a lot of the government shutdown protest signs have in common are the fact that many people holding them feel like they’re being used as a pawn in Trump’s border wall scheme. TSA employees are among those who’ve been furloughed and as this woman’s sign declares, they are not pawns in this nonsense. Unfortunately, it seems that being a voter will do little to get the government up and running again any time soon.

7. EPA Pawns

Government Shutdown Protest Signs

It’s not just TSA employees that feel like they’re pawns in Trump’s latest chess match, as the EPA has weighed in as well. The right-wing may not believe in climate change, but the Environmental Protection Agency is a necessity now more than ever. Trump already cut their funding when he first came into office and with each government shutdown he has made sure their work was interrupted.

8. Indentured Civil Servitude

Government Shutdown Protest Signs

At least indentured servants received something in exchange for their work, while those who are furloughed due to Trump’s shutdown will likely never see a dime of the money being withheld from them these last few weeks. Of course, any of the victims of the government shutdown are free to find another job, but it’s not like a trained scientist can just start waiting tables while they wait for the shutdown to end.

9. Congress Is Still Getting Paid

While federal government employees deemed unnecessary during the shutdown are filing for unemployment, searching their couch cushions just to buy groceries, and standing in the cold with their picket signs, Congress is still getting paid. They’re taking this time to relax, travel, and continue their lives of luxury. Reports have indicated that approximately 100 Congress members have rejected their paychecks during the shutdown, but that doesn’t exactly help the situation.

10. Trump’s Ransom Note

Government Shutdown Protest Signs

It’s hard to understand exactly what those affected by Trump’s shutdown are feeling these days, but likely it feels something like being held hostage. Those who are trying to keep their careers intact can’t exactly walk away just because they’re being forced to work without pay. Well, they can but there’s no guarantee that their job will be waiting for them once the shutdown is over. Once they’ve used up all of their paid time off, they’ve officially become hostages of 45th president of the United States.

11. Let Mommy Work

Government Shutdown Protest Signs

It’s not just the federal government employees themselves who’ve been protesting against the shutdown. Families have gotten involved as well, including children. Trump’s stubborn ways have not only left 800,000 Americans without pay but he has left their families in a bind as well. These kids should be spending their time doing their homework and having fun, not worrying about where their next meal is going to come from.

12. Breakdown Of Bills Owed

Imagine you suddenly weren’t being paid anymore. Which bills would you stop paying first? Television and the internet are likely the first to go. Then there’s skipping nights out, holiday gifts and traveling, birthdays, and anything other than the necessities. But those bills are too small to save that much cash, so now people are going without health insurance and life-saving medications. It’s only a matter of time before their electricity gets shut off, their cars are repossessed, and they find themselves with nowhere to live. Trump’s shutdown needs to end now!

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