111-Year-Old Man Reveals The Secret To A Long Life: ‘Don’t Die’

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The secret to a long life is not exactly objective or even universal for a lot of people. After all, everyone is not born the same way or with the same advantages. Hence, advice for a long life can often be pretentious or far-fetched. That is until Britain’s oldest man came along– the Centennial man’s advice for a long life? Avoid dying, it’s as simple as that.


It sounds too general or too simple, however, that’s what worked for 111-year-old Bob Weighton from the UK. Bob was a former teacher and an engineer– both stressful jobs, but that did not deter him from reaching his impressive age. He was born back on March 29, 1908, and recently had his 111th birthday party:

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Bob’s secret to a long life? He just refuses to die. Apparently, and according to him, that’s the most effective tonic or elixir for long life in what appears to be a strong case of mind over matter. Bob did not mention any specific diet, workout routine, or hobby which contributed to his 111 years of existence on Earth.


That isn’t to say Bob has never been life-threateningly sick. In fact, he has had flu, influenza, malaria, and two or three operations. He simply stated that he was a survivor who didn’t want to die. As a result, Bob has had two sons, a daughter, 10 grandchildren, and 25 great-grandchildren whom he still personally meets.


After witnessing two World Wars and numerous generational changes, Bob has something to say about the world, “Visually and in physical terms, it’s changed enormously, in what human beings are – not at all. The basic concerns of human beings of meeting and interacting with other human beings is exactly the same – ‘can this person be trusted?'”


Despite his long life, Bob also hates it when people congratulate him his age. He even asked the 92-year-old Queen Elizabeth to stop sending him birthday cards. Additionally, the centennial also refuses to learn and use mobile phones, saying that that’s a line he won’t cross as there are other things in the world to keep him busy.


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