10 Reasons Being a Stock Image Model is a Bad Idea

Think being a stock image model is a fun, easy, and glamorous job? We wouldn’t just quite bet on it.

It can be easy to be led to think that being a stock image model is a good, clean way to make a buck. And hey, if you have the looks, and can follow directions (“place your hand a touch higher, please… a bit more, okay, good. Now smile, look here. Other side, look confused. Can you frown deeper?”, why not?

Well, it does sounds like a walk in the park… that is, until you see what kind of content your image has been used for. Let this be a cautionary tale.

When you’re a stock image model, it can turn into a case of mistaken identity.

stock image

Sure, you got the looks. The equipment, on the other hand…



Think your fashion doesn’t have a political agenda? Well, now it does.


That adorable couple. Just look at them. So young. So in love. So… racist?!


It doesn’t get any better when you put a baby in the mix. Think of the children!


And then, there are these gents, posing happily for the photo, with absolutely no clue they’ll be made out to think rape is an excellent idea.


Or that it’s the only they’ll ever get laid in college.


What upbeat, wholesome thing could have ever put the spring in this young man’s step? Heroin, of course!


And nothing quite puts the smile on a 40-something man quite like standing proud about what you love.


We’re not sure how this’ll stand with the rest of the scientific community, but okay.


Be sure to drive safely, grandma. (That also means not DUI-ing with Christian Grey.)


And lastly, it’s a job. But ore importantly, it’s a job that gives both you and your client total satisfaction, guaranteed every time.



Feature image courtesy of Gratisography
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