10 Essential Social Media Apps for College Students Living on Campus

College is an exciting time of any student’s life. One moves from the cocoon of home and spreads his or her wings into life. It brings in new experiences and so much more! The newly found freedom comes with a healthy dose of responsibility while the unbridled fun is punctuated with quizzes, exams and assignments. It is a first-hand experience of life and here are some popular apps which will help you breeze through the college years.


It is never too early to start networking for the future. Using this app you can build connections with fellow students, professors, potential employers, industry professionals and other people who are involved in the same or similar field. It helps you prepare a solid groundwork for your career even before you graduate from college.


Facebook is not only the most popular social media site, it is also probably the most useful one. Connect with your roommates, classmates, professors as well as people from other universities or your area. You get to expand your horizons as well as get to know these people better. This helps you create stronger bonds with people.


Stunited is a comprehensive networking platform for students who want to connect with educational organizations and reach out to professionals and related businesses. Once connected, you can get access to millions of informational resources which can be shared via chat with your global educational networks.


Internships are crucial for any decent job nowadays. Using this app, you can choose the best internship option for you, its value in the job market, working environment, learning experience etc based on the first-hand reviews from students.


True to its tag line, “empowers your alumni network”, this app is a college social networking service which has been created to improve alumni relations with the current students. Even though it mainly aimed at building connections, these associations can even help you land a good job or internship.


Equals6 is an online social recruiting community where students not only make valuable connections but also can get exclusive scholarships and exciting career possibilities. It partners with lucrative companies who provide students with excellent opportunities based on talent.


This exclusive college-only app offers partners with several brands to offer students discounts and free gifts based on activities like pictures, feed etc which helps you save money on shopping.


This is an app which is a social task organizer which can be customised according to your schedule. You can build your own timetable and compare with friends. You can get your Campus Guide, connect with others and join the community via groups and chats.

Party in My Dorm

Originally launched as Wigo, this app helps you find the happening events on your campus and around you. Using the
app, you can check out all the cool things going on around and also find out who all are going to be there. With its cool built-in chat tool, you can plan and coordinate with your friends in real time.


At one point or the other, most students face severe financial crisis owing to uncontrolled spending. This app can be a huge saviour as it helps you save money at your favorite on campus bars and restaurants. Explore your area like never before and avail the best offers around!

Applying to college is the first step of the exciting and exhilarating journey that you are about to embark on. It is going to be full of ups and downs and most definitely, an experience of a lifetime!


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