1 Million Facebook Likes Scores This Guy Some Sex

1 Million Facebook Likes For Sex

Yesterday we reported about two sisters who received a puppy from their dad after they received 1 million Facebook likes. Now a guy in Norway has scored sex from his female friend for the very same reason.

In an attempt to spoof the puppy story Petter Kverneng and Catherine Johansen, both 20, posted a sign on Facebook in which they agreed to have sex with one another if they received one million Facebook likes.

The picture went viral quickly after it was posted on 4chan’s /b/imageboard page and has since garnered 1.2 million likes.

In an interview with Norwegian publication Verdalingen.no the two plan to follow through with the agreement.

Asking about the sign Petter and Catherine say:

“It was meant as a joke for our group of friends.”

We hear wedding bells in the near future — but only if the happy pair can get 2 million Facebook Likes. Heck maybe they’ll have kids for 3 million likes and get a divorce for 10 million more Facebook likes.



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