Foursquare Grasps At Relevance, Shows Off Global Check-Ins Map

Foursquare Check-In Map

Foursquare has posted a global map that showcases the strength of its last 500 million check-ins. The map specifically showcases check-ins for the last three months.

Foursquare chose to post the map just days after financial research firm PrivCo claimed the company would sell in 2013 for less money than it has raised.

The Foursquare map equates to nearly 5 million check-ins per day and focuses on hotbed areas including San Francisco and New York.

While Foursquare is fighting an uphill battle against Facebook Places, Google and other check-in information based service, the company says its current check-ins still provide for “amazing personalized recommendations.”

Executives at the service note that collected data from its platform can also be used by third party developers to create a “powerful location layer” for outside apps.

According to a Foursquare blog post:

“Because our location database is based on millions of check-ins every day, it’s incredibly reliable and up-to-date. That’s why everyone from Instagram and Bing to Flickr, Quora, Path, Soundtracking, Evernote, Garmin, and thousands of other developers use our location information to power their apps.”

Here is the Foursquare check-ins map for the last three months:

Foursquare Check-In Map



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