Facebook Page ‘Plea’ For New Puppy Nets 1.2 Million Likes

Facebook Page

A Facebook page created by a skeptical father has generated significant buzz after a picture was posted asking for one million likes in order to get a new puppy.

The image received over 1.2 million likes. The picture in question shows the dad’s children and several other kids holding a sign that reads:

“Hi World, We want a puppy! Our Dad said we could get one if we get 1 million likes! So “Like” this! He doesn’t think we can do it!”

The Facebook page titled Twogirlsandapuppy also has over 180,000 fans after being live for less than one day. Several months ago the family lost their dog due to cancer. Two sisters were inspired by a similar stunt that lead to two kids getting a new cat, that page convinced this dad to try a similar stunt.

In a video posted to the Facebook page after hitting the goal one of the sisters jokes that they can get two puppies if they hit two million likes.

The plea for a new puppy even lead the campaign to make its way onto Good Morning America.

Social media followed through in this case and the Facebook page continues to receive even more likes.

Mike Stenger

Lover of technology, Mike often makes jokes that nobody laughs at.


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