Youtubers Read Mean Tweets with Jimmy Kimmel

In the timeless tradition of reading mean tweets, Jimmy Kimmel invited a number of Youtubers to let the dregs of Twitter take potshots at them and emerge unscathed from all the saltiness. The likes of Markiplier, Tyler Oakley, and Grace Helbig sat in front of Kimmel’s “mean tweets” camera, and went through an array of tweets aimed at them. There were colorful ones, crazy ones, actually creative ones, and some were just … er… lazy. (Guys, please. If you’re gonna insult someone, at least put some elbow into it.)

And you know what? They read them mean tweets, laughed at them, and had fun with them.


Let’s take a moment to appreciate how these Youtubers handled the haters.

  1. Witty comebacks. Perfect if you have a lightning-quick brain, all that sass, and the confidence to boot.
  2. Embrace it. Look at Markiplier! He read his tweet, had a good laugh, and gave it a thumbs up!
  3. Sarcasm. It’s kinda in-line with #1 up there, though this one needs to be applied with skill. You want to be so over it, not be bitter about it. and really, getting worked up over some vile tweet just isn’t worth the strain.
  4. Laugh at it! Because hey, as a Youtuber, you’ve got this awesome channel going on, one you put in a lot of hard work, creativity, and love (if I may say so), you’ve got a ton of followers who love you back, and are living the dream. And these haters think they can take you down with just 140 characters? Come on.

Watch these Youtubers take on mean tweets below:

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