Let’s Hope Football Teams Reading Mean Tweets Catches On

football teams reading mean tweets

These videos are getting a bit old but they’ve never stopped being riotously hilarious. We’ve seen NBA Players Read Mean Tweets Posted By Basketball Fans and a slew of other different videos featuring everybody from celebrities to pornstars. But the most recent video put out by the Indianapolis Colts is one of the funniest ones that we’ve seen and it’s mostly because these poor guys (irony) actually took it on themselves. The video includes receivers T.Y. Hilton, Donte Moncrief, Mike Adams and cornerback Vontae Davis. Veteran kicker Adam Vinatieri has an awkward little moment at the beginning where the poor old man can’t figure out the internet.

Probably the best thing about this video is Pat McAfee’s part because he’s a complete comedian. In fact, he’s even a regular guest on the Bob and Tom Morning show. And realistically the one thing that I can see being notably better than A “Football Teams Reading Mean Tweets” trend would be a Johnny Manziel reading mean tweets video. God knows there’s material.

Is there any way that we can have the Ron Swanson image posted in the video? Somebody find a iMovie nerd.

Please, please, please make him read this one.

Now this one is witty.

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