YouTube Testing Out New Design [Inside Look]

YouTube remains the number one video site on the planet and is keeping things moving along with a totally new design. There’s nothing exactly wrong with the current design, but the video sharing site feels that it’s time for a refresh.

The changes were confirmed today when a spokesperson responded to TechCrunch:

“With more videos coming to YouTube every minute we’re always experimenting with ways to help people more easily find, watch and share the videos that matter most to them. As always, we’ll consider rolling changes out more broadly based on feedback on these experiments.”

This new design might not ever go live for everyone, but here’s an inside look at what could be. On the homepage, the black sidebar on the left has gone away and become much more minimal. You still have the same options as before such as My Subscriptions and Social, but it’s very minimalistic now.

At the very top where the search box is, “Browse” and “Movies” no longer appears, just “Upload” which features a drop down arrow with easy access to your videos and analytics. Instead, “Browse” has been moved down to the very bottom left hand side underneath subscriptions.

After clicking on browse channels, you’re met with multiple rows of channels in different categories. YouTube seems to display five of the most popular channels in each category. Clicking the category reveals even more channels.

Moving onto the actual video pages, you still see videos on the right hand side, but the sidebar typically seen only on the homepage now follows you and can be collapsed. The subscribe button has been moved below the video under the user’s name, and the like or dislike functionality remains the same.

Everything else such as sharing videos, adding to playlists, comments, etc., receives a small UI change with video responses appearing below the top comments and automatically updated comments appearing below that.

The new design allows for viewing videos larger than before when selecting the large player. YouTube definitely seems to be putting a huge emphasis on using search to find videos and browsing the most popular channels instead of just showing the most popular videos.



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