YouTube Opens Live Streaming To All Verified Accounts

YouTube Live Streaming Opens

YouTube expanded live streaming to all verified accounts on Thursday. The Google-owned company’s only requirements now are that your account is verified and it is in good standing. If those conditions are met, but you don’t have the feature quite yet, just be patient.

Along with YouTube streaming, users also have the option to launch a Google+ Hangout On Air directly from the YouTube Live events manager. The Next Web notes that the feature will likely give users a decent boost for their Google+ page, as long as they already have a good following on YouTube.

The feature was previously only available to a small group of individuals and YouTube partners. It was then opened up to channels with at least 1,000 subscribers, then at least 100. Now, it’s free for everyone.

YouTube Live can be found on the account feature page and in the Video Manager. It allows a user to have real-time transcoding in the cloud, so you only have to send a quality stream to the site, which in turn makes it available instantly in all resolutions and device formats. Users can show multiple camera angles, closed captions, plus insert ads and slates. Viewers will be able to watch the live stream from any device and users can track statistics of viewers.



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