Dupree Johnson Charged With 142 Felony Counts, Thanks To Instagram

Teen Charged Instagram Account

Florida teen Dupree Johnson is learning the hard way that it is a really bad idea to post stupid photos on Instagram (or really any other social media outlet). Johnson, 19, was charged with 142 felony counts after a cop stumbled on his Instagram account, which featured several questionable photos, including one of the teen smiling with a gun in each hand.

While gun photos aren’t unusual on social media, the cop took note that Johnson already has a rap sheet that includes grand theft, burglary, and felony possession of a firearm. Authorities quickly (and understandably) issued a search warrant for Johnson’s home, where they found a Glock under his bedspread and a stolen, loaded, Tec-9 9mm pistol nearby, according to Miami New Times.

Authorities also discovered $250,000 worth of stolen jewelry, electronics and firearms, leading them to believe that Dupree may be responsible for leading a group of thieves on a string of 30 to 40 burglaries of Palm Beach, Florida senior centers. The teen is now behind bars on more than a hundred charges, including possession of weapons and ammunition by a convicted felon.

Meanwhile, the teen’s Instagram page has been disabled, but not before media outlets got a few pretty incriminating screenshots. If/when Dupree gets out of jail, we’re guessing he’ll stop posting incriminating photos of himself on social media … maybe.



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