Twitter Testing iOS Push Notifications From TV Chatter

Twitter Push Notifications for TV Conversations

Twitter is testing new iOS push notifications that specifically target users who are sharing in a discussion about a specific TV show.

The new feature was spotted by former Tumbler product head Alex Rainert. He received a push notification informing him that two friends were talkign about “Grey’s Anatomy.” Oddly enough Rainert could care less about Grey’s Anatomy and from his feed we can see that he doesn’t talk about the show — ever.

Twitter of course has teamed with Neilsen Ratings and the company has repeatedly expressed its interest in moving further into the televised space.

The new TV push notification for iOS joins Event Parrot (breaking news) and Magic Recs. The former is an opt-in service that suggests Twitter users for you to follow based on your friends interactions on the micro-blogging platform.

The question now is whether or not Twitter will push out too many TV based conversations to users. While we can see the argument for engaging users, the social network will need to find a happy medium that engages the right users who can actually add value to TV-based conversations.

Will power users like the content that surfaces for Twitter? There is the very real chance that they already have a routine for finding cool content. In fact it could become an annoyance. On the other hand, better targeting could draw in users who are still attempting to determine the true value of Twitter.

Do you think Twitter-based push notifications for TV conversations can add value to the micro-blogging services users?



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