YouTube Founder Chad Hurley Files Last Minute Appeal Over Leaked Kim Kardashian Engagement Video

Chad Hurley Files Appeal in Kim Kardashian Leaked Video Lawsuit

YouTube founder Chad Hurley has filed a last minute appeal regarding his leaked Kim Kardashian engagement video. In the fall of 2013 Hurley recorded Kim Kardashians engagement to Kanye West, and then leaked the video on his new video website MixBit.

A judge earlier in the week agreed to a November 17 start date for the case against Hurley. That decision led Hurley to file an appeal.

The appeal, filed on April 7, was in direct response to a March 18 ruling, which found that the trial did not violate Chad Hurley’s free speech rights.

After the original decision, Hurley’s attorney, Rodger Cole, stated, “We still believe Mr. Hurley’s conduct should be protected by the First Amendment free speech rights.”

In October 2013 Hurley signed a released in order to attend the event, however, his attorney claims that release “should NOT preclude him from posting the video he posted [on his website, MixBit].”

For their part Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have went on the offensive, claiming that Hurley is using “improper” legal maneuvers to delay the trial.

This story is still developing, and will likely take many twists and turns in the months ahead. After all, nothing with Kim Kardashian is ever easy. Remember her long drawn out divorce?





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