Caterpillar Inc. Plays Giant Jenga Game With Heavy Machinery

Caterpillar Giant Jenga Game

Caterpillar, Inc. just blew every game of drunken Jenga you have ever played out of the water.

In case you grew up in the digital age, Jenga is a game in which users remove wooden blocks from below other wooden blocks. The goal is to keep the increasingly unstable structure standing.

The original game of Jenga requires a decent amount of hand-eye coordination and a steady hand. Caterpillar’s giant Jenga game requires exacting controls over heavy machinery.

Five operators using Caterpillar machines and attachments battle over 27 massive wooden blocks that weigh a combined 8.1 tons. Each block weighs 600 pounds.

The giant Jenga game ends after two blocks are removed from the base of the structure.

This looks like a lot of fun, but it is definitely not “drunken Jenga” friendly.

The Caterpillar machinery used include: The Cat 320E, The Cat TH514C, The Cat 277D, The Cat M316D, and The Cat 349E.

With human operators helping the game along, and multiple machines push and picking up blocks, this game of Jenga became a game of teamwork instead of camaraderie.

The giant Jenga game video was uploaded to YouTube on April 7 and has received 194,174 views. Viewers love the video with 1,833 upvotes and just 36 downvotes.

Would you like to play Caterpillar Jenga with giant machinery?




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