YouTube Adds 6 New Languages To Automatic Caption Support

YouTube Automatic Caption Support

YouTube has offered automatic caption support since 2009 and today the social video website added six new European languages. The websites new language support includes Russian, French, German, Dutch, Italian, and Portuguese. YouTube now support 10 languages.

Automatic caption support allows viewers who may be hard of hearing to read along to speech in videos.

From software engineer, Hoang Nguyen:

“Now in 10 languages, automatic captions are an important first step in the path toward high-quality captions for the 72 hours of video people upload per minute. As automatic captions will have some errors, creators also have several tools to improve the quality of their captions. Automatic captions can be a starting point, where creators can then download them for editing, or edit them in-line on YouTube. Creators can also upload plain-text transcripts in these languages, and the same technology will generate automatically-synchronized captions.”

When video creators upload transcripts to YouTube, users can translate them into over 60 different languages, removing the language barriers that once existed. Nguyen added that there are around 200 million videos with automatic and human-created captions.

Here’s how to upload your own captions:

  • Go to the video page after your video has uploaded
  • Click the drop-down arrow on the gray bar and select “Captions”
  • Select “Upload caption file or transcript” and choose the appropriate file

While YouTube caption support is not perfect, adding more languages is a great step forward.



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